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Woodlinx is a small, full service furniture & interior company based in Karachi, Pakistan Since 2010. Muhammad Talha Paracha (Interior Designer) is the founder of Woodlinx Furniture & Interior Design Company.

Talha specialises in residential design projects, but also has experience of the commercial design sector. Growing up in Pakistan has emphasised the importance of light and connection with the local setting in his design philosophy. He has been providing personalized and distinctive solutions to a wide range of clients, with a particular emphasis on residential interior design. Specialize in renovation, interior design for Flats, Private Residential, Commercial, Project Management, Space Planning, Carpentry Fabrication and installation. 

He is most proud of his relationships with clients, and repeat clients, who are making this a better world. He is passionate about design that informs, clarifies, persuades, and communicates the possibilities of working together for positive change. His company is involved in all aspects on the design process interior, exterior and landscaping to insure a cohesive home that is both sophisticated and fresh.
Whether designing a home, apartment in the city or a office/commercial units, has a keen sense of style and comfort for a family friendly lifestyle. 

Talha pays special attention to bring together exquisite quality, modern and vintage furnishings and many custom designed elements for each of his client needs. He takes a “hands on” role when working on projects to insure that all runs smoothly and within a timely schedule. He is passionate that the outcome should be nothing short of fabulous! 

Woodlinx Interior & Furniture has grown over the years to become a comprehensive interior solutions provider. Past and on-going furniture products have also reached out to UAE & Canada.

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